Wednesday, July 13

it's coming...

i am not a huge fan of having toddlers. i mean, they are funny and cute and fun to watch. but they also need EVERYTHING done for them. and they make a lot of messes. and need a lot of help. so i don't think it's my favorite stage of life (mine or theirs).

but the end is in sight. very faint sight, but in sight none the less. this week we implemented the first "job" for hiba. she is now in charge of putting away her clothes and matthias' clothes after i wash and fold them. and she is so excited about it.

i made her a little sticker chart to make it a little more exciting, which has only enhanced her desire to put clothes away. it's also enhanced her desire for me to do laundry. pretty much every day, she asks me if i will wash her clothes so that she can put them away and get a sticker.

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