Friday, July 29

friday fun

i love friday mornings. last summer, i started swapping kids with my friend, megan, each friday morning. and it has been wonderful. it means that every other friday, i have a morning to myself at no cost. which is pretty much awesome. and on the alternate fridays, i have three cute kiddos over at my house to entertain my children. i always joke with jason that really i'm having lydia and jenna over to babysit my kids. the kids play with each other enough that they know the rules of the house, the general schedule of the morning, what they like to play together, how to work out fights (well, most of the time....). so it's really great having them over.

the girls playing some sort of musical chairs/tag/ring around the rosie

the boys looking on, trying to figure it out....

....and giving up and playing their own game.

playing on the non-working jeep power wheels (we got it off of freecycle and it needs a new battery. which we will get in september for matthias' birthday. until then, it's sitting in our yard. yes - i know. we are white trash. at least it's not the front yard....)

matthias doing his own thing.

who needs power wheels when you have sticks? (maybe we should re-think the birthday idea....)

matthias riding his "bike" - another freecycle score. and still doing his own thing.

watching dora while i get lunch ready

mac and cheese! megan and i both started making this each week for them, just by coincidence, and i'm pretty sure that there would be a riot if we tried to serve anything else.

what a big boy - eating all by himself.

and now it's nap time. which is another perk of friday mornings - my kids sleep great after playing so hard all morning. and after having all those kiddos, i think i deserve a nap too.

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Mom Keena said...

What a great idea! Looks like the get along really well, too!