Thursday, July 28

because i need more ways to waste time....

what are some of your favorite blogs (or websites) to read?

i figure reading is better than watching tv, right? so all i have to do is cut down on my tv-watching-time-wasting, and i can read as many blogs as i want.


Kim said...

Food blogs are my personal favorite for internet time wasting. A few favorites that give great recipes and also provide entertaining reading:
Chocolate & Zucchini
David Lebovitz
Smitten Kitchen

Miriam said...

You can always read mine. ;)

Also I found a great craft one if you like to get some ideas for crafting/sewing:

Then if I just want some interesting reading, I usually just google top baby blogs or something like that and see what I find. I unfortunately do not have much time to read blogs, so I don't have a list of ones I follow. I do read yours though. ;)


sarah said...

kim - i love food blogs. i will definitely check them out! miriam - i do read your blog. :-) it makes me want to move to the country.