Sunday, July 16

well, we made it down to san francisco. good times. portland was really fun. matt and nicole are great hosts and we had a really good time with them and dave. a few highlights:
-the sand sculpture contest in pioneer square...we didn't get to participate (it was pretty hardcore and you had to actually like have a job or something b/c it was all companies), but it was so cool to watch.
-multnoma falls...the second tallest water fall in the states (i think, don't quote me on that though). we hiked to the top and enjoyed some really great views of the colombia river gorge.
-happy hours...this was my personal favorite thing in the city. every single bar or restaurant has happy hours. and good ones. twice a day!! they'll be from 4-6, and then again from 9-close. and the drinks aren't that good of a deal, but the food is all cheap also. cheap like $2.95 for an eight-inch pizza. can't beat that.
-seeing matt and nicole and dave...friends are so great.
-botchi ball...nicole and i are the real champions and jason and matt totally know that.

so that's a quick rundown of our time in portland. once again, we're not on our computer, so we'll have to post pictures later. our wireless card sometimes just decides not to pick up networks. oh well, what can you do? so tomorrow we're off to explore the city and see all the sites! we'll keep you updated.

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Mandy said...

I have been thinking of you all...plan to call tomorrow. I just got your cell number from Miss Leah. Give Sara a huge hug.