Monday, July 3

Quick excerpt from our travel journal, July 1, 2006.
9:15am cst: After picking up a few supplies at Wal-Mart, we're leaving to start our forty day trip.
9:17am cst: We get in our first fight.
9:18am cst: Distracted by Cherokee Casino, we lose most of the trip money and decide to adjust our plans. 40 day trip across the country becomes a 40 minute trip to Westville and back.

Ok, in reality we have successfully navigated the first leg of our journey, from Siloam Springs to Colorado Springs. As you can see, we decided to use the tired old cliche of taking pictures at every state line that we cross. This will continue for the remainder of our trip. If you can think of any other travel cliches that we should participate in, please let us know as soon as possible.