Monday, July 31

southern california

So we have now made our way down to Southern California. We spent a few days in Avila Beach, which is in the San Luis Obisbo area. We stayed at my Nana's house (this is sarah by the way), which is about a mile from the beach. unfortunately, we missed my nana, but it meant we had the house to ourselves. we spent two days at the beach, just laying around and doing not much of anything. we discovered that my nana had my old boogie board that i got when i was younger, so the first day at the beach was spent riding the waves. on boogie boards, not surf boards, but it was so much fun.

after avila, we headed down to mission viejo, which is in orange county, to visit brandon, a friend from jbu. we also went down to san diego and went the to the beach there. it's been really fun hanging out with brandon and his friends. so fun, in fact, that we decided to stay an extra day instead of heading to the grand canyon. so we'll leave tomorrow morning to go one of the hottest places in the country to go camping. but it will be fun.

today is our 2nd anniversary, so we went down to laguna beach and hung out at the montage, a resort by the ocean. we had a picnic lunch on the cliffs that overlooked the ocean and walked around the resort pretending that we were staying there. it was fun times.

anyway, i don't have much else to say and we haven't taken many pictures lately, so that's about it for now. on to the grand canyon tomorrow, so it'll be a while till we are able to update again. so peace out for now.


Hannah said...

hiya, you're in the stomping grounds of my spring. Mission Viejo, Laguna, you'd have been quite close to Irvine, not that there's anything so special about it.

I just checked your blog for the first time in a few weeks and it sounds like such a great trip. Yahoo for going to visit Jess & Jeff and not really knowing them :) I just got my canadian passport two days ago so now I can run in the land whose identity is "we're not Americans" with the best of them.

Any word or thoughts on what you'll do about your August departure? Still on? I'm thinking of you both. Glad you could stop in Wheatland, too, and sorry I missed it.

Hannah said...

I just typed a bunch and it got deleted. Hi. Glad your in SoCal, my stomping grounds from this spring, I got a job at the Trader Joe's in Mission Viejo in March, ran around Laguna & Newport.

Glad you went to Canadia, too. I just got my passport to be among those whose identity is often, "we're not Americans." Love that Vancouver.

Any word on plans for August? I'm thinking of you both and sorry to miss you in Wheatland. Apparently plans are almost finilazed to begin building the new house so you'll have to come back again some day when you don't have to sleep in the living room.

Thinking of you both! -h

methy said...

Happy Anniversary!! I finally found your blog after the 10th time your mom told me about it. ;)

~ Meredith