Tuesday, July 18

Some catching up to do . . .

The title of this blog is the story of my (Jason's) life.

Of all the cities that we have visited so far on this trip. Portland is the one that I could most see myself living it. It is a very exciting place to be, there are always things going on, you can eat lots of cheap food, I've got friends already living there, and it's full of hippies. What more could you ask for? Did I mention the cheap food?

As my lovely wife as already told you, we did get to see a sand sculpture contest while in Portland, here are some of the entrants:

The king reading a book was my personal favorite. In case you didn't recognize the cover, he is reading "Where the Wild Things Are." The men and women who participated in the sand sculpting event impressed me for two reasons. First, they were very skilled in the art of sand sculpting. Second, I think most of them convinced their workplaces to give them the day off with pay so they could sculpt sand. These folks are clearly skilled both technically and relationally.

P.S. We will post more pictures on our albums this evening. Some from Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

PPS. I promise at least one picture of Nickolas, the cutest two-year-old I have ever met.

PPPS. It makes us happy when you comment. We feel validated as people.

PPPPS. Thank all of you who have called and asked about our plans and how they fit in with the latest news. Generally speaking, we are still planning on staying the course, if you are interested in talking about it or anything, feel free to give us a ring.


Kim Keena said...

Thinking about you two, and praying for you every time I watch the news lately!

brandon miquelon said...

hmmm, i can't help but notice the placement of the book, since the title is "where the wild things are." yikes. hey dude, call me, it's miquelon 949 547 5185

Anonymous said...

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