Monday, March 11

weekend round-up

it seems like spring has decided to come to little rock, which was perfect timing for this weekend. this weekend was full of coming and going, and the way i look at it, there's not really and end in sight. this is just the reality of life for now.

but, it was a fun weekend, so i'm excited. and the weather was beautiful, which is always a plus.

this saturday, i officially became a soccer mom. well, that's probably not completely true because we don't have a mini-van, i didn't wear a visor, and i didn't take caprisun and orange slices - but the kids did start playing soccer.

so far, they don't have "games", as much as "practice". saturday was the first one, so i'm not sure how the whole season will work, but it was a fun start.
all dressed and ready to go!

matthias' group went first, so he was all decked out and ready to go when we left the house. and once we got there, the excitement faded. matthias is a funny boy. he is super funny and outgoing, but apparently not in a new group. so, the first two stations were spent in tears or on the verge of tears, with a lot of pouting and not a lot of participating.

warm-up went ok...
but, about halfway through, he got into it and enjoyed the end. maybe because the last two stations were a little more competitive and could have involved body-checking kids out of the way. either way, he enjoyed it by the end and has agreed to try again next week.

finally deciding to smile

hiba was up next. and she LOVED it. they basically did the same stations that matthias' group did, so she knew what to expect, and she did a great job waiting for her turn, following directions, and working hard.

soccer pose!

she was pretty awesome

rockin' the obstacle course

a little one-on-one action

team cheer!
starting this week, we are moving matthias to hiba's group, since he is huge, and will hopefully be more participatory with his sister there, and - as much as i loved being there for two hours - one hour is quite enough.

next up - rugby!

the little rock stormers are now 5-0, rocking their way through this season. the weather was perfect and the game was fun, even if the second half was a little boring since they were winning by so much. it's a rough life being a little rock fan.

this one is a ham.

LR wins 44-10!
saturday night, we went to a friends' birthday party, followed by church on sunday morning, lunch with church friends sunday afternoon, a quick run to the grocery store, and then friends over for dinner for lasagna, settlers of catan, and wine. a great way to wrap up a great weekend.

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