Thursday, March 14

his sister's keeper

matthias has become quite a little defender of his sister lately. it is so sweet. he absolutely adores her. she is getting better at being nice to him, but he even when she is not, he will follow her every move. and defend her to the death.

for example,

on new years eve, a few friends spent the night, including jason's teammate, josh. in the morning, we made a big breakfast and josh kept stealing hiba's eggs, which led to him being know as "josh, the one who steals eggs", and then later "josh, the one who steals things".
that's josh. the one ripping the other guy's head off.
hiba has not let this go. every time we go anywhere with rugby folks, hiba asks if josh will be there, and then proceeds to explain how she will protect her food or whatever she has so josh won't steal it.
well, apparently, matthias has had enough of this, and on saturday he marched up to josh, put on his meanest face, and declared to josh "you will not eat my sister's eggs! they are hers and you will leave them alone!". and then he walked off.
sunday, we had josh and mandy over for dinner, and before they got there i was giving hiba a hard time about how josh was going to steal her food. to which matthias responded, "no, he won't. i saw him yesterday and i told him that he will not steal hiba's food and he will not take things". he was so proud.

on monday at soccer practice, a little girl had the same kind of ball as hiba. the coach told everyone to sit on their ball to listen to instructions. the little girl sat down on her ball, and matthias immediately went over to her and said, "hey! that's my sister's ball! don't sit on it!". and then he realized he was wrong and sheepishly went and sat by hiba.

and the best one - the other night at dinner, hiba was being a brat. that's putting it nicely. everything we asked her to do, she did the opposite. she talked back. if we asked her to stop something, she did it one more time, while staring us down. she was shaking a chair that is on the verge of falling apart and i asked her to stop. of course she didn't. so i gave her hand a smack. she wailed. but not real tears. and then i thought, maybe she didn't understand, so i asked her if she heard me, she said yes, i asked what i said, she said stop shaking the chair. during this time, the wailing and fake tears stopped and a smirk started to appear. which, shall we say, irritated me. so just as i was about to lecture her and send her to time-out or take her dinner away, matthias whispered across the table, "pssst, hiba! make a sad face!", which prompted hiba to stick her bottom lip out, in addition to her smirk. and i have to say, it worked. it was all i could do to finish my sentence with a straight face, jason was holding in a laugh, and there was definitely no chance of any more real discipline happening. and matthias just looked so proud of himself for coming to her rescue.

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