Wednesday, March 13

one step closer

well, the rejection letters have started.

good news, it narrows down choices and helps us come up with a concrete plan for hiba for next year.

bad news - well, rejections sucks. and stresses me out.

we had the official referral meeting a few weeks ago to refer hiba from easter seals pre-school to the little rock school district. it was short and sweet, and actually made me feel calmer. the special ed director for the district is great and has a way of calming you and reassuring you. and, when i asked if they were considering a 504 instead of an IEP, the answer was a resounding no, that hiba will need the support of the special ed department that an IEP provides, at least during the transition. so that was reassuring to hear. one less fight. one less decision. one less thing to research.

so the school hunt goes on. we should know by the end of the month if she got into any of the magnet schools. best case scenario, she gets into one of our top two choices and we go with that. middle case scenario, she doesn't get into a magnet school, we tour other schools, apply for a transfer and get accepted. and the worst case scenario isn't really that bad. we did tour our neighborhood school and it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. there was one teacher that jason and i loved and think would be great for hiba. the lady from the school district spoke highly of the staff at the school and their ability and willingness to work with students who need different accommodations. so, it should be ok. and i keep saying that the worst case scenario is actually that i end up home-schooling her - so then ANY school doesn't look so bad.

so we keep waiting.

in the meantime, hiba is doing pretty well. she finally has a consistent teacher in her class, who is wonderful and does a great job with hiba, so that has continued to help her general level of anxiety go down. we've got a reward system and schedule system at home to use when needed, which has eliminated much yelling and tears, especially on school mornings. we've had several OT sessions to help with sensory issues and figure out ways to address those at home, which have helped my sanity a ton when hiba is literally bouncing off the walls. recently, i've seen bits and pieces of heightened anxiety, difficultly with transitions, and ridged behaviors come back into play - which leads to meltdowns like the old days - but they are still few and much further between. hiba is learning how to handle them and calm herself down, and i'm learning to remember that her brain works differently and it's not a personal attack on me. we're learning. taking a day at a time, and right now, most of those days are good.

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