Thursday, February 28

the ultimate threat

hiba is in a stage where she loves to make threats. especially to matthias. especially when they are playing. and he usually gives in, because he is in a stage where he loves his big sister and will do almost anything to stay on her good side. 

the other night, hiba and matthias were taking a bath together, playing nicely. i was putting dishes away in the kitchen and i overheard this conversation:

matthias: *splash, splash, splash*
hiba: stop it, matthias! stop splashing me!!!
matthias: *splash, splash, splash*
hiba: MATTHIAS! i said STOP!
matthias: but it's fun!
hiba: no, it's not! if you don't stop right now, i...i...i won't be your sister anymore! i'll be your....COUSIN!!
matthias: *splash, splash, splash*
hiba: THAT'S IT! i'm not your sister! i'm your cousin! you aren't my brother!
matthias: NOOOOOOOOOO!! *wailing* NOOOOOO! be my sister! be my sister!
hiba: (calm and matter-of-factly) nope. i'm your cousin now. you should have stopped splashing.

well, you can't say she didn't warn him.

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