Thursday, August 30

turns out, she has a brain

last monday, hiba had an EEG to look at suspected seizure activity. we have been noticing some staring spells she's been having, where she will just trail off from talking or just stop what she's doing and stare off, not really focusing on anything, and then she'll snap out of it and be fine. one time i was able to rub her face and she didn't react, so we decided to get this looked into.

the super fun thing about EEGs is that they work a lot better if the child is "sleep deprived" so it will hopefully trigger seizures, if that is in fact what is happening. so besides having an EEG scheduled in the morning on both hiba and matthias' first day at a new school, which was a little stressful in and of itself, add to that the task of allowing hiba five hours of sleep the night before. have you ever intentionally had your four-year-old only get five hours of sleep? yeah. me neither. it was not every on my top ten mother-daughter activities. our plan was that i would take the night shift and keep her up and jason would get her up early in the morning. i had plans of making cookies until midnight, looking at books, eating popcorn and watching dora till the wee hours of the morning.

but, in fact it was not too bad (at least not on my end). we had some friends over for dinner, so that took up some time and provided entertainment for hiba. then after matthias was asleep, we hung out in the back yard with our neighbors and just let hiba hang out with us. we took my kindle and she played games and just hung out. we had popcorn and some other snacks, but didn't have to work too hard to keep her up. about 10:30, she wanted to go inside, but we managed to stall her and keep distracting her until about 11, when she was ready to go to bed (as was I). so we went inside and she had a bubble bath and then we watched on episode of diego, to try to keep her up a little longer. she was trying so hard to stay awake! she kept singing along and trying to answer all of diego's questions, but finally gave in about 12:35 a.m. and told me she was ready for bed. i gladly obliged.

jason got her up about 5:30 a.m. and they went to get donuts and then played at chick-fil-a all morning. i took matthias to pre-school at easter seals, which thankfully went very smoothly. then i swung by chick-fil-a to pick up jason and hiba and we were off to ACH.

i don't know if it was because we were the first appointment or if they really are super efficent, but the neuro clinic was on time, friendly, and great. hiba did great getting all the little wires stuck to her head and was super cooperative. she is also very competitive, so anything they asked her to do, like blow on a pinwheel, if she didn't want to then jason would try to do it better and then she would do it and obviously always be the best. as soon as they turned off the lights, she went right to sleep, and she was great when they woke her back off.

and the super good news is she passed. turns out, she does have a brain (jason kept asking her if she thought they would find one) and she does not have epilepsy. kids and adults with pervasive disorders (autism, aspergers, adhd, etc) sometimes have staring spells or blank looks that may look like seizures, but there was no indication that it is seizures in hiba's case. i was very happy to hear that, because it is one thing that now we don't have to worry and wonder about. and hiba was glad to confirm that she does, in fact, have a brain.

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Megan Perea said...

Yay, that's great news! Miss you guys!