Friday, August 31

the bale elementary playground

we live about a block away from bale elementary. and the bale elementary playground is on our way to savvy kids, the daycare that the kiddos used to go to. pretty much every morning and afternoon this summer, hiba would ask if we could go to the bale elementary playground. since it was usually 407 degrees outside, the general answer was "sure, someday that sounds great!". well, last week i made the mistake of telling hiba that we could go to the bale elementary playground on thursday. not that i didn't want to go, but i didn't want to be so committed. but the thing about hiba is once it is said, it is set in stone. she told most people that she saw over the next three days that on thursday we were going to the bale elementary playground. there's not really a "pencil that in" option.

so, last thursday evening, we went to the bale elementary playground. i'm not sure it lived up to all it's hype, but the kids did have fun and enjoyed watching football practice, cheer practice, swings, and making new friends.

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