Monday, August 6

the potty train, take 2

so the elusive potty train has finally arrived at our house! super exciting to all of you guys, i know.

matthias has been in pre-school for a few months now, and his teachers have been a little obsessive about potty training him. i think partly because he is so huge. i mean, really. he weighs something obsurd like 42 lbs., so i completely don't blame them for not wanting to lift him up on a changing table on a regular basis. which, in turn, was great for me because they did most of the work. a few weeks ago, his teachers let me know that he was regularly going to the bathroom at pre-school and loved the reinforcement of suckers.

but, no luck at home. i would ask him, super excitedly, if he wanted to try to go potty and he could have candy/stickers/ice cream/whatever his little heart desired. and the answer was usually a panicked, screaming, cry "nooooooooo!!!" as if sitting on the potty was the worst thing in the entire world.

and then i found the trick. matthias is borderline obsessed with playing games on my phone or kindle. and when i say borderline, i mean fulll-fledged, wake up at 5:30 a.m. and sneak in to the playroom to play on the kindle, throw a kicking and screaming fit when it's taken away obsessed. so, one day i told him that he could play on my kindle if he went potty. first he threw a big fit and then a few minutes later, he walked into the bathroom, took off his diaper, peed in the potty, and proudly told me. awesome. so he played for five minutes on my kindle, and then went and peed again. and now, he just goes potty and gets to play and is super cooperative about being done after 5 minutes when we tell him.

so we found the motivation, and now it seems to be clicking (knock on wood!!). he had his fair share of accidents this weekend, but overall i would call this on the "success" side, which is a huge improvment from the epic fail that took place last time we tried this. again, it has been super nice having the help at pre-school, because they have told me to stop sending him in diapers so it's not confusing to him, which i think is great. also on the plus side, his shorts all of a sudden fit again! finger's crossed - we might have a full-blown big boy on our hands now!

"i'm a big boy!!"

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