Thursday, August 9

the great divide

we put hiba and matthias in separate bedrooms this week.

i'm a little sad and a little happy about this. first, we don't really have a guest room now, since our house only has three bedrooms. this just means a little more effort and rearranging when we have guests, which isn't really a big deal. more than that, i'm sad that they don't have that shared space anymore. when we had their beds in the same room, there weren't toys in that room, so at night it was easily just for sleeping (and unfortunatly jumping on the bed, waking each other up, pulling clothes out of dressers, etc., etc., etc.). and then we had the playroom, for their toys. and even though they each had their own toys, the space was shared and there was much less of a possessive feel. to be honest, it did lead to a lot of fights, but i think it was good for them to learn to share, both space and possessions.

but now, they each have their own room, with their own space, and their own toys. there are some shared toys in each of their rooms, but for the most part it really is hiba's room and matthias' room.

the theme of matthias' room is apparently "plastic toys"

hiba LOVES her new set-up

at first it made me sad, but then the first night of putting them to bed was glorious. matthias has the habit of basically not falling asleep until a good hour after he goes to bed and if we put hiba to bed before he was a sleep, shenanagins ensued. which meant that a) we had to put matthias to bed at 6 p.m., b) we had to deal with shenangins at the end of every long day, c) hiba had to stay up much later than she either wanted to or needed to, or d) hiba went to bed in our bed, which made her less than happy and was usually a fight. so, with a space of their own, bedtime comes earlier and so far mornings come just a little bit later.

and, i do think it is important for kids to have things that our theirs, either space or possessions. it helps them learn even more to share and be gracious, because it is not so forced. it helps them take ownership if they have more control over whatever is theirs. it gives them space to be alone if they want to. so all in all, i am happy with our new arrangement. 

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