Thursday, February 2

mom of the year

so yesterday, as i was writing a blog post, the kiddos were playing outside. it was past matthias' nap time, but it was such a nice day that i figured he could stay up as long as he wanted. he came in once and told me he was done, so i gave him the choice between napping and going back outside - he chose going back outside.

fast forward a few moments. i hear him crying - well, more like whining - and i ignore him. i figured he would come inside if he wanted to. but he kept whining, saying he needed my help. and, like any wonderful mom, i continued to ignore him. i mean, the last time he wanted my help it was stacking bricks. i figured he and hiba could work that out on their own.

finally, hiba came in and told me that matthias needed my help.

me: what? why? tell him to come inside.
hiba: well, he is stuck in the basement.
me: what?
hiba: he's stuck in the basement. come unlock it.

and what she meant in fact was that matthias was locked in the shed. (some friends came over the other day and were calling it a basement).

he crawled in through this.

and then couldn't get out.

he was less than thrilled about getting his picture taken
not only did i ignore him while he needed my help, but i tried to get him to pose for a picture. ha. go me. mom of the year.

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Jerusalem said...

okay I just busted out laughing. i have you beat by a mile. but there is no way i am going public. ask me sometime...