Monday, February 13

weekend review part 1: oscar's 60th birthday

you know those weekends that are just great? the kind where you get to do fun stuff and be with people that you love and actually feel relaxed at the end? this was one of those weekends. i think it was one of the best weekends we've had in a long time.

part one revolved around my dad's 60th birthday. we went up to siloam on friday night and spend the day saturday celebrating my dad. it was pretty relaxed and low key, which was great. my brother and sister-in-law, nate and kristin, came down from kansas and it was great to see them. rachel was there a well. hiba and matthias loved all the attention and getting to see aunts and uncles.

we read lots of books....

made birthday soup....

carrots and potatoes, peas and tomatoes. 

...dug for treasures in a bowl of rice...

oooo, a dinosaur! 

...played dress-up...

i'm thinking a career in fashion design may be in her future....

...and of course, had a birthday party. 

birthday card from matthias to oscar

birthday card from hiba

math clock from rachel - set to siloam springs time

scrapbook of pictures and memories from the piston kids

we also got to go to a basketball game at "the JVU" (as matthias calls it). i'm not sure what the highlight was - seeing "the real golden eagle" or the unlimited supply of pizza and chips in the hospitality room. either way, it was definitely a good time. 

we stayed for sunday school on sunday morning, so hiba and matthias could go to ms. barb and mr. jim's class. i love that they go to that class and there are pictures of rachel as a 2 and 3 year old on the wall. 

after sunday school, we headed back down to little rock, because we had big plans for the evening. but that'll be part 2. 

i'm so thankful for my dad and what a great example he is to me. it was fun to celebrate him this weekend and i'm glad that i've finally grown up and and can see now what a blessing it is to have a great dad like him.

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