Tuesday, September 6

new house rule

we have a new rule at our house. it's for the grown-ups. the rule is "if you go outside, for any reason - get something out of the car, check the mail, lock the shed, whatever - take your keys". you might be wondering why. well, let me tell you a little story.

once upon a time, there was a little boy named matthias. he was mischievous. and kind of clever. he loved learning new things and was always soaking up information and learning new tricks. like how to lock doors. but he didn't quite know how to unlock them. sometimes, he would unlock a door on accident and be so proud of himself. other times, he would just lock doors and be so proud of himself.

so one day, mommy was at the gym and daddy went outside to lock the shed. hiba followed him, because, well, she's nosy and follows mommy and daddy everywhere. the shed is approximately ten steps outside of our back door. maybe closer. so no big deal, right? well, this is the moment that little matthias decided to demonstrate his new-founded ability to lock doors. and of course, he decided to demonstrate his inability to unlock doors.

so daddy did what anyone would do in this situation - climb in the window. luckily, it was a beautiful day, so the window was open instead of locked. so daddy climbed in (which was made a little difficult due to our high, little windows thanks to our older house), unlocked the door, and let hiba in. and everyone lived happily ever after

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