Thursday, September 15


two years ago, i had my bags all packed, hiba was off to a friends' house, and jason and i headed off to the hospital for my last check-up. it was my due date and i was ready to meet my little boy. the doctor checked us out and said everything looked good, so i told him i wanted to check into the hospital and have them break my water to start labor. he tried to talk me out of it for that night, since it was already late afternoon, but i was not leaving without my baby. i was pretty confident it would be a quickish birth.

about 2 hours later, matthias edward pollack made his debut.

i'm so glad that God decided to give him to us. he has changed our lives for the better. he let hiba become a big sister, which has been so fun to see. he let me become a mom to a boy, which is way different than being a mom to a girl. he let jason have a son. he has brought so much love, laughter, snuggles, bumps and bruises, and adventure into our life. i can't imagine the last two years without him and i'm really excited about all the years we have ahead.

happy birthday, buddy boy!

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Jerusalem said...

i love that kid!