Monday, April 4


i am so ready to not have sickness invading our house. i would say we are on the upswing, but i've said that before in the last three weeks and as soon as i say it, another round hits - so who knows.

it all started about three weeks ago. hiba and matthias both had a horrible sounding cough (matthias more than hiba). it sounded like croup, but it never got to where they lost their breath or anything. i finally ended up taking matthias to the doctor about a week later, because it wouldn't go away and he was having trouble sleeping. so he got some meds and allergy medicine and i thought "yay, this will help and everything will be fine soon!".

well, then i caught it. whatever it is. a nice combination of a cold, allergies, sinus problems, and a slight fever here or there. i am not a nice sick person. i like to lay in bed, drink sprite, eat hot and sour soup, and not take care of two crazy kids. but, i did not get to do that. i had to suck it up and go on as if life was just dandy.

i think there were a few days in the last few weeks when most of us were mostly well. but it just keeps getting passed around. hiba's fine, but matthias is sick. matthias is fine, but hiba is sick. they are both fine (and bouncing off the walls), but i am sick. bleh. not fun.

on thursday (well technically friday), hiba woke up about 4:45 a.m. and complained that her ear hurt. she didn't go back to bed. that was a fun day. so now she is on antibiotics for that, which will also hopefully clear up some of the nastiness in her throat. we'll see.

and when we got back from the doctor on friday afternoon, i pointed out to jason that matthias was wearing different clothes than when he went down for nap. jason answered "that's because there was an enormous amount of vomit all over his bed when he woke up from nap". fun times. it became apparent that i was in fact a bug, and not just something that he ate.

so now it is monday. we seem to be getting better. matthias hasn't puked in a day, and hiba hasn't started throwing up yet (knock on wood). so i have high hopes for this week. hopes of getting out of the house, playing with other kids, not having horrible headaches all day every from the ridiculous amount of pollen in the air, hopes of my kids sleeping well at night and not waking up from ear aches/coughing/vomit. we will see. i mean, it has to end at some point, right?

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kristina said...

ah! that sucks friend. hopefully your house will get to feeling better soon. and by soon i mean 2 weeks because that is when we will be there and ready to hang out!