Monday, April 11

B is for Bahamas!

in a few short weeks (well, actually more like seven), my best friend and i will be laying on the beach, sipping on mohitos, soaking up the sun, eating to our hearts content with no kids and no husbands. a four night, five day trip of pure bliss, rest, laughing, talking, relaxing in the bahamas.

i can't wait. christa and i are celebrating our 20 year anniversary of being best friends this summer. we pretty much clicked right away, from the moment i saved her from being beaten over the head with a folding chair by my little brother. i don't know many people my age who have had a best friend for twenty years. i feel very lucky. we've had our fair share of ups and downs, but through the years we've stuck together. so we're celebrating.

we found an amazing deal on living social and our wonderful husbands made it work. so on may 29, i'll be here.

today, i started operation: bahamas. i've never really took the time to lose the baby weight from matthias (or the left over from hiba....) so i think now is the time. i don't think i'm super huge or anything, but i could definitely stand to shed a little. plus i'm hoping that if i stick to this for the next seven weeks, it will actually just be part of my lifestyle. i do need the reward at the end, but i think i'll keep going when i get back. really i'll have to, since all of our yummy food is included in our deal. mmmmmmm.

anyway, what does operation: bahamas entail? well, i'm going to work out on a regular basis. four times a week, no excuses. jason is done with rugby for the season, so he'll be home most nights which means that even if the kiddos are sick and i can't take them to the childcare hours, i can go at night. no more bags of chips smothered by bags of cheese (i like to pretend they are nachos) for lunch. fresh fruit for breakfasts every day - i already do this for my kids. veggies at lunch. and no more sonic. i almost decided on no chick-fil-a, but lets not get ridiculous here. we already eat mostly whole wheat and lean protein, so i don't feel like i have to drastically change my diet. just cutting out the super unhealthy things i do on a regular basis and quit coming up with excuses to not work out.

so here we go. it's been my goal since new years to start being more healthy and now i have a short-term goal that will hopefully turn into a long-term habit. but at any rate, in seven weeks i'll be rewarding myself with five days of bliss.


jasonandchrista said...

What a sweet post. I heart you too. Oh, and just so I understand, you'll be slimming down and getting all sexy like, and I'll be bloated and pregnant. Nice. You always were the pretty one.

sarah said...

glowing and pregnant is more like it.