Saturday, March 26

things i learned this week....

-ten hours of sleep at night is not enough for matthias.
-a pizza cutter is great for cutting up spaghetti.
-hiba is ready to drink out of a normal cup by herself...but matthias is not.
-matthias is very strong-willed. very.
-i love spring weather.
-the number of times a day i can listen to hiba tell be "but i will try to XYZ" (where XYZ is whatever i have just told her not to do) without losing it is seven.
-matthias loves to imitate hiba's every move. like her screaming. and talking back. but also her hugs.
-hiba loves her little brother and really does want to make him happy.
-hiba, matthias, and i all need regular interaction with other people. we all go a little crazy when this doesn't happen.
-the phrase "don't touch that" means as much to matthias as the phrase "xlkjfdsiaopihgkl;jfdls" means to you.
-trolly rides will become a regular part of our lives this summer.
-a snickers bar and coffee make a very yummy breakfast. not so filling though.
-there is such a thing as too much coffee.

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