Monday, April 14

my little fashionista

last friday night was the Fashion Event benefitting Easter Seals Arkansas. it was kind of a big deal for our family - one, because it was my first event to plan from start to finish for work, and more importantly, because hiba was modeling.

we had some models drop out a few weeks before the event, so we decided to put hiba in the show. i wasn't really sure about it, but after talking to jason we decided to just go for it. when i told hiba about it, she was less than excited at first. she started asking lots of questions about what she would have to do, how it would go, and then started getting nervous about all of the things she didn't know how to do and about how loud it would be - and then she flatly refused to be in it.

unfortunately for her, the programs had already been designed and she was in them, and i'm not one to give my co-workers extra work, so i decided to try to talk her into it.

so we spent the next week looking at pictures of fashion shows, talking about it, practicing, waving, walking, talking about it more. and then she got to go pick out her dress, which was perfect because it felt like a bathing suit.

and she came around. and she started to get really excited about it.

and then i started to get nervous. i remembered back to her preschool graduation and how she was so excited and ready for it - but how it was way too loud and overwhelming, and even though she did it, she clearly hated it. and i thought back over the last few months about how her anxiety has gone up and her ability to "just chill out" has gone down. and i crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

and i'm so glad i did. she was absolutely wonderful. she was happy, beautiful, and loved it! the event itself was pretty amazing and hugely successful - but for me, seeing her walk out onto that runway, with a band playing and a packed room of people cheering for her and seeing her face so relaxed and happy - that was a dream come true.

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