Wednesday, April 16

....and just like that

although the day my life changed forever seems like a lifetime ago, i still can't believe that it's been six years.

kids are a funny thing. one day you're knee deep in poopy diapers and sleepless nights, just treading water trying to get to the next phase of life. and then before you know it, your kids are real little people who can take care of themselves (i mean, relatively speaking).

last night, hiba got ready for bed by herself. completely. shower, dried herself off, dried her hair, pjs on, brushed teeth, and brushed hair. on her own. happily. with no tears.

it's like she is growing up or something.

and then today she turned six. i asked her if she felt any different this morning, and she said she feels bigger. when i dropped her off at school, she ran over to a group of girls, probably excitedly telling them it is her birthday, and then they just laughed together as they walked to the playground. like real people.

when did this happen? 

whenever it was, i'm glad it did. it's so fun watching her grow. watching her learn and become more and more independent. it's great to see how her little mind works, figuring out the world. and although i can't believe she is already so big, i'm glad she is.

happy, happy birthday, hiba bear! 

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