Friday, June 29

He knows.

*the following post was written a few weeks ago, at the beginning of this journey. it's taken a while to work through the information and be ready to share this part of our life. but here goes...*


i really love the moments when i realize that God knows what He's doing and has things worked out. i also love the moments that He chooses to reveal a little piece of that today.

today i was at work and it was a less than great day. lots of drama that wasn't my fault but that i was getting the butt of. and i was done with it all, ready to go home, ready to not deal with anything. and then i got a phone call from the director of the pre-school at easter seals. a few days ago, i talked to my boss about hiba and she was great and offered to help any way she could. i mentioned that we were thinking of trying to move hiba to easter seals from public pre-k in the fall, but i honestly wasn't too hopeful about it, since i knew there was a waiting list. but my boss called the director and told her some things in our situation had changed and we wanted to know if there was room for hiba.

so, fast forward back to today. the way that the waiting list works is it is not really a waiting list, but more of an "interested parent list" and when a spot opens up, it basically goes to whoever calls at the right moment. which this time, happened to be hiba. shortly after my boss talked to her, the director got a call from another parent of a 4-year-old pulling their child off the list. so a spot opened up for hiba. which she called to tell me. she also went on to tell me she would be happy to talk to the therapy department and get hiba signed up for o.t. and speech pragmatics. she may be able to start these therapies this summer, but definitely by august. the teacher that hiba will have in the fall is spending the summer going through a class on teaching kids with autism and strategies to use in the class room. the preschool is integrated so she will not notice that she is "different", but the teachers are all trained to be aware of individual needs and work really hard to help. and, it's literally right below my office. it's pretty much the best situation that we could think of right now.

and then i started thinking back. in november, hiba had her initial evaluation at the dennis center. then she started therapy to help with transitions and anxiety. and then they suggested an o.t. evaluation and a full team evaluation. i was a little overwhelmed and started looking for a place that did o.t. evals that our insurance would pay for. and the only place that i had heard of that did pediatric o.t. was easter seals. so i got hiba an evaluation there. and while i was browsing around on their website, i thought i would look at job openings. and there was one that looked interesting, but i didn't think i would get it. but i applied anyway, and i did get it. and hiba continued therapy and the full team evaluation got closer and i started making connections. and then we got the diagnosis and i have a great team of co-workers around me willing to help out and help us figure this out. i work in a field that is full of information that will be helpful to us, both now and in the future.  before i got the job at easter seals, i applied for several others. i didn't even get to interview for any. jobs i knew i would be good at. jobs i thought i was plenty qualified for. but now i see that God had a plan. he knew where we would be on may 31 and where i needed to be to make things work well for our family. He knew. and He still knows. i don't know what next year will be like. i don't know what hiba will be like in five years. i don't know the best decisions to make for her between now and then. but He does. and it's so great to be reminded of that all just the right time. 

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