Sunday, January 15

sassy pants.

hiba hits matthias.

hiba goes to timeout.

hiba yells to me from her bed, "mom, can I get up?".

I answer something to the effect of, "no and if you yell again or talk or move you will be sitting on your bed for the rest of your life".

a few moments of silence.

then hiba yells again, "mom! mom! MOM!!!"

i reply with something like "be quiet and stop yelling and think about how mean you are to your brother and don't ask me again if you can get up or you will have to stay in timeout for a week!!!!" (or something just as helpful and age appropriate).

hiba yells back, "i love you mom".

(and i can totally hear her smirking as she yells it.)

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jasonandchrista said...

We have so much in common.