Tuesday, January 3

in the still of the night

sometimes i talk in my sleep.

let me re-phase. sometimes i have really urgent, adamant, loud conversations with jason while he was sleeping and i am somewhere between awake and asleep.

it's pretty funny to wake up the next morning and think "did i that conversation really happen?" and then to have jason confirm it as he mocks me for what i said.

i don't do it a lot, but they are usually pretty funny. there are two great ones. so for your reading enjoyment - my two best sleep-talking episodes.

as a background, you have to know that i often dream about things from the day. only they are really weird in my dreams. like if i play a game for a long time before i got to bed, i'll dream that i'm in that game somehow. or if i watch a movie or tv show, the characters show up but usually mixed with real people i know. and i remember a lot of them when i wake up. it's some pretty bizarre memories.

also i have weird dreams when i'm pregnant. (which i am NOT. N-O-T, NOT, that has to do with the second story. not the first one. i'll just clear that up right now).

story number 1: the bed

last night, jason and i stayed up way to late playing monopoly on my kindle fire. i had just been talking a few days ago about how we need to get monopoly and then it was offered free for a day, so i got it and have been a tad on the obsessive side with it. so as i was going to sleep, visions of property cards, dogs and race cars, and money disappearing danced in my head.

and somewhere in the middle of the night, jason was clearly trying to take over my property, so this conversation happened:

me: (shoving jason) jason, you're in my bed.
jason: (not really too happy about being woken up) huh? what?
me: you're in my bed. you need to get out.
jason: why do i need to get out? what are you talking about?
me: (realizing that we're both awake at this point) oh, never mind.

story number 2: the horse

so, when i was about 7 months pregnant with hiba, we were coming home from a baby shower that some friends threw me in jerusalem. we had to go through the checkpoint to get back to bethlehem and as we pulled up to it, this horse came running at us. not really at us, but towards us and then ran off. it was strange. not so sure where it came from or where it was going. then we went home and i went to bed.

in the middle of the night, this conversation happened:

me: jason, wake up!!! there is a horse in our room!
jason: huh? go to sleep.
me: no! (very frantic at this point) jason!! wake up! there is a horse!!
jason: (still not very concerned, which really annoyed me) no there is not. go to sleep.
jason: (finally sitting up, turns on the bedside lamp) no. there is not.
me: (very quietly) oh.

and then i laid back down and went to sleep. because he was right. there was no horse. 

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