Wednesday, November 24

who is the boss?

the other day we were going to jason's parent's house for dinner. because of the time change, it was already dark when we left our house. this really stressed hiba out. because most of the time, when it is dark, it means it is bed time for her. so the whole way, she kept saying "we can't go to gramma and papa's because it is dark!".

finally jason said to her, "hiba. chill out. it is ok that we are going to gramma and papa's house even though it is dark. are you the boss? no. i am saying it is ok. and who is the boss?"

hiba relied, "daddy is the boss!"

and then after a moment of silence, she added, "haha! i just called mommy daddy!".

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Tim and Randi Weigle said...

haha!! that's too funny (and true!!)!