Tuesday, November 16

then and now

things i did today:
*woke up in my house as my heater was going
*ate cold cereal for breakfast
*went to a brunch for a moms group i am in
*experienced fall weather
*went to one grocery store to buy a turkey, asian food, potato chips, and bananas
*had friends over for dinner
*went to bed with the assurance that tomorrow i'll live in the same place that i did today

things i didn't do today:
*eat fresh made pita and hummus for breakfast
*pack up the last of my stuff that i just have to have, while trying to give away anything i can't fit in my suitcases
*decide that i do in fact want more stuff than will just fit in seven suitcases and throw together an unknown number of boxes to be shipped to us (although i'm fairly certain the number of boxes packed is at least one more than the number we got....)
*say goodbye to the life i'd known for three years
*hug and wave goodbye to some of the best friends i could ever ask for
*take one last look at the place my kids were born
*miraculously fit seven suitcases, a double stroller, two car seats, a diaper bag, a huge purse, two kids and three adults into one vehicle to drive to the border
*made it through israeli customs without having to take my clothes off
*leave palestine

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