Friday, November 23

Thanksgiving Extravaganza

Happy Thanksgiving! We got to celebrate in good American style with lots of people and waaaay too much food. We had a meal at our house with some friends from Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Most were Americans, but we had a few Palestinians, a Canadian, an English couple, and an Austrailian. All in all, there were 27 people over here.

Jason and I made the turkey and gravy, which actually turned out and was really yummy. I made green bean casserole, and we had other people bring the rest. It was all here...turkey, ham, potatoes, rolls, salads, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and lots of pies. Here's some pictures of the event.

The turkey still had a head when we bought it...

Making the green bean casserole, my must-have for Thanksgiving.

Jason making his awesome gravy

Rachel cutting the ham

Ethan, Wes, and Trey carving the turkey.

Most of the food


More eating

One other awesome thing about our meal was we had a inflatable bouncy castle for the kids. There were seven kids over here, all under the age of 10. Fun times. Jason, Salim, Andrew, and Munther braved the cold and the kids to set up the castle and supervise.

The bouncy castle

Munther getting beat up by the kids. This was his idea of supervising.

Munther...tryptophan strikes again.

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