Wednesday, November 7

The News

1. We are having a girl. Or at least, there is a 99.9% chance we are having a girl. She will be here in April, inshalla.

2. Our memory chip for our PS2 is corrupted and won't save or load games. This means any time I want to play Dance Dance Revolution (which has been pretty often lately), I have to start a whole new game and all of my awesome stats are lost. Sad day.

3. Work is going well for both of us. Or at least for me it is, and I think it is for Jason as well.

4. Yesterday, it was hot and sunny. Today, it is cool, cloudy, and smells like rain. This may mean it will be difficult to find ice cream in the near future.

5. We've been having kids from the House of Hope over each week for dinner. Week 1 was Sheda and Kais, week 2 was Hiba and Aya. This week we're taking a break and probably having Nabil and Mhammad next week. It's so fun to hang out with them again and they love it.


Hannah said...

So excited about your little girl. First baby of our SF generation!

becca said...

dude. where did you find ddr? second, i feel your "i cant get ice cream up in this town" going on. im sorry for the loss.