Sunday, November 11

New and Improved

i moved our online photo album and changed the link on the right. so check it out sometime. there's not too many new pictures up yet, but it is improved and there will be more new ones on the way.

also, a disclaimer to my last post...liz, i know the difference between sheep and goats. but there are a few sheep in the pictures and there were more further down the hill. however, maybe i didn't get them because i was trying to inconspicuously take the pictures out of our window, so i didn't look like a dumb foreigner gawking at the shepherds. but thanks for the correction. also, the sheep (or goats) weren't doing the talking, the shepherd lady was (are they still called shepherds if they're a woman? or is is shepherdess? or something entirely different?), who is also further down the hill with the rest of her sheep.

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