Saturday, June 23

all together again

Jason got home last night. It's good to have him back.

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JT's said...

Well I just arrived in Israel on Sunday morning and have already been hit with major dehydration :(... what do you guys do without gatorade... i'm still not sure. wish you guys were close by so we could meet up, but another day I guess :) We have been taking our group of 12 to see many of the tourist sites and today was the Holocaust Museum... then tomorrow we go up north to the Galilee area. We will be ministering and attending a conference called "onething" (have you heard of it?). the conference is said to be sold out and is mainly for young people in the land so please keep it in your prayers as it is quickly approaching! Ok... glad you guys are safely back in the states for a bit... enjoy it! Blessings!-jenae