Monday, June 4

crunch time

i have 12 days left here. jason has one week more than that. it's weird to be almost done. i keep saying that i only have X days/weeks left, but it doesn't really feel like that.

i'm really gonna miss the kids. iyad didn't come back after this last break and ahmud was sent home, so we've already gotten to see what life will be like without some of them in our lives. jason's a lot sadder about it than me, but i think if any of the girls hadn't come back, i would understand more. it will be a big shock to be able to wake up and not have to worry about if asma is up running around, if baraa fell out of bed, if aya is invading someone elses bed after she peed in her own. some of that will be nice. i hope it will be relaxing. but i'll still miss it.

so jason and i are really busy right now. i kind of like it because it keeps me distracted and gives me things to do. but i also get overwhelmed and do things like write on my blog or watch the office instead of being productive. i'm trying to wrap up our work at the house of hope, working on a benefit dinner for light of the world that is this saturday, figure out what's going home and what's staying here, and still have energy to take care of the kids. jason's working two pretty much full-time jobs. they're building the climbing wall and the low ropes elements for paidia this week. he's really excited, but also really exhausted.

we're trying to figure out when we're gonna get to see people this summer, so if you'll be near siloam or little rock, let us know and we'll try to find a time. if you're not close to those places, buy us a plane ticket and we'll come see you.

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Damon said...

Again, we'd love to have you & J out to our home when you are in the LR area, along with the Guthrie's if that's OK with you two. Just plan on calling us when you hit town, OK? I'll email you our telephone number.