Sunday, August 26


During June of this year, when Sarah and I were looking forward to coming back to states, visiting friends and family, eating familiar foods, etc, I often referred to my impending departure as the time I was "going home." It made sense to talk that way, and I do feel in many ways that Siloam Springs (and Little Rock, though I've only lived there for 3 months) is home.

Then, near the end of our summer in Arkansas, I started referring to my impending departure as the time I was "going home." This made sense as well, since this is where some of my close friends live, where my job is, and it's the only place where Sarah and I have our own living space. In many ways, this feels like home. I am used to rhythm of life here and the smells, sights, and tastes of Bethlehem are incredibly comforting.

I don't know whether I have two homes or none. I suppose Sarah and I's experiences are far from unique, as many ex-pats, missionaries, and other transient beings have had similar impressions. I'm not so much looking for an answer to the question "where is my home" as I am trying to figure out how to make myself feel at home wherever I find myself.

Maybe it's just me, but I have a sense that this transient sense of lacking belonging may make it easier to consider myself an earthly sojourner. My citizenship is in God's Kingdom, therefore my home is with Him, not in a specific earthly place. Oh well, I suppose I haven't thought this through all the way, but you can look forward to some pictures of our new apartment, which Sarah will let me post as soon as we have a tablecloth that matches our decorations.


Kimberly said...

perhaps "home" has lost its significance as a word, and has just become the easy response... kind of like saying you're "fine" - because to explain all of the feelings behind the word would just overwhelm the person asking the question (and maybe you're still trying to figure them out yourself).

Becca said...

i love this post.

Damon said...

Huh...a little bird told me a little secret yesterday...

Wonder what that might be all about... :-D

sugar_muffin94 said...