Monday, August 5

the big K

so 2 weeks from today, hiba starts kindergarten.


to say i am a little freaked out would be a bit of an understatement. i am sure i will be equally freaked out when matthias starts, but probably for a whole bunch of different reasons.

anyway. last thursday, we went to check-in at hiba's school. she will be starting at our neighborhood school, which i actually have a good feeling about. i mean, as good of a feeling as i would have with her starting anywhere, i think. hiba got to meet one of the kindergarten teachers and got to see her hallway and peek in the rooms. we won't find out her teacher until like the day before school starts, which is a little frustrating, but it'll be ok.

we had hiba's transition meeting and iep meeting back in june, and i actually have a good feeling about how it went. of course, we'll see how it is actually all implemented, but at the iep, we seemed to have a good team who understood hiba and her needs - they seemed to realize the supports that have been put in place are important and helping, and the reason she is doing so well is because of those supports. i have read so many horror stories about iep meetings, but ours went well and we got everything that we asked for.

so it looks like it will all be ok. that's kind of my phrase for the next few weeks. i've already seen a little bit of a heightened anxiety in hiba, which was to be expected, and i'm sure that will stick around for at least a few weeks once school gets going. but it will be ok. she is so much more flexible and adaptable than she was a year ago. she has a great support system in place and jason and i are learning more about how to relate to her and help her stay calm. so, it'll be ok.

how is she this grown up?!?

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