Wednesday, July 31

my 9 favorite things about jason

9. he's a romantic. he buys me flowers, takes me on dates, opens my doors, tells me he loves me. there's not too much that has changed in the last 12 years as far as how he treats me. i know he's still chasing, even though he's totally caught me (shh, don't tell him though).

8. he doesn't let me win when we play games. and although i hate losing (which i don't do most of the time...) i am glad that he gives me a run for my money, even if it's just while playing settlers of catan.

7. he's fun to be with. after 9 years (and 12 if you count the time we were dating), we still find fun things to do together and i genuinely love being around him. a trip, a night out, a game night at home, watching football, drinks on the back deck - it's all a great time when we are together.

6. he's a good fighter. i know that sounds a little weird, but it's a good thing. i am glad that he fights for what he wants, what he believes in, and what he thinks is best - whether it is with me or with someone else. he's a good listener and is willing to see the other side of an argument, but he also forces issues and doesn't just back down, which i know makes us stronger. 

5. he's a bad ass. as much as i complain about how much time rugby takes - it is pretty awesome to say my husband is a rugby player. and a good one at that.

4. he is a kind person. not just to me, but to people who really need some kindness in their life. i don't think of myself as a particularly kind person, so it's good for me to see and i hope it's rubbed off a little.

3. he's a great dad. seeing jason love our kids is really awesome.

2. he loves all of me, even the crazy sides. i don't think of myself as a particularly crazy person, but i know i have my moments. and somehow, he makes me feel loved, even because of those crazy sides, not just despite them.

1. he is just the best. and that's a fact. you can't beat facts.

9 years down, many more to go. if you told me 9 years ago where we would be today, and where we have been, i don't know that i would have believed you. but i'm sure glad we're here, i'm glad we've made it this far, and there is no one else i can even imagine doing life with. 


Stefanie said...

I love this! Happy Anniversary to you two ... you're a fantastic couple & I love that you're our friends. You've been great together since day 1!

Hannah said...

Nine cheers for Jason and Sarah! I remember us starting the Soderquist Fellowship days after your wedding. Hard to believe that's been nine years all around. You're a great couple who have given way to a great family! x