Monday, April 15

weekend round-up: rugby domination!!

so as much as i may complain from time to time about jason playing rugby, deep down inside i think it's pretty awesome. i'm glad that he gets to play, i'm thankful for the friendships our family has made because of rugby, and i do like to brag about how awesome he is from time to time. and this season has been especially awesome. 

this weekend was the last home game of the spring season, which also happened to be the first round of playoff games. the stormers won, 86-7. yes, you read that right. they are undefeated this season and heading to naples, florida for the south championship in two weeks. 

the weather this weekend was gorgeous. one of those few weekends a year that are not too hot, not too cold. a great day for watching rugby. the kids are old enough that they can run around and play, so i actually get to hang out and watch the game, which is always a plus. it was a fun game to watch and a great way to end the home season.  


*pictures are from Razorbackfoto - go check out the rest!

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