Monday, April 1

weekend round-up: aunt rachel and easter

this weekend was packed, but in a good way. it started off with my sister, rachel, getting here thursday night. it was fun to see her! i took off friday afternoon from work to hang out, and we realized that she hasn't really ever seen any of little rock besides our house and the rugby field (not that those are bad places to see). so, friday afternoon, we took advantage of the break in the rain and relatively nice weather, and headed downtown.

we walked around the river market area, then hopped on the trolley for a little ride. 

the trolley is coming!!!!!!!!!
i like these two.
 we ended up at the peabody to watch the ducks - which is only around for a short amount of time, so it was fun to see it one last time.

saturday, it was colder, rainy, and jason rugby game was cancelled, so we headed back downtown. first stop was lunch at flying fish. matthias was a fan.

next, we headed to the museum of discovery. i think rachel and i had just as much fun as the kids did - if not more.
matthias listening to his heart beat

they loved the "roller coaster"

hiba was a little unsure about the bed of nails
matthias laid on it several times. i passed.
this pretty girl loved putting on a princess parade.
so much concentration!
sunday brought easter. since our church is pretty small these days, we decided to go as a group to st. michael's episcopal church. i really enjoyed it. hiba did not. although, i do have to say, both kids were amazingly well behaved in the service. hiba was just a little annoyed that they didn't do things right - they didn't say the Lord's prayer correctly and they didn't do communion right. but, she survived, although she has adamantly

told me she is not interested in going there next week.

after the service, we met back at our house for a brunch with our church. and lastly, ended with the obligatory easter egg hunt - despite the rain and massive puddles in our back yard.
searching high and low
matthias was so excited for every egg
so there you have it. hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well!

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