Monday, July 30

thing 2

some days i feel like matthias is getting overlooked in this whole life transition phase we are in. and maybe that's because it's true. so here is a post devoted solely to him.

matthias is full of smiles these days.

he loves books.

he loves rugby.

he loves to figure things out on his own.

he is super cute.

he's a waterbug.

he is a goofball.

he loves his daddy.

he loves his mommy.

 he loves his sister.

the good thing about zuzu is that he is oblivious to most of life. i know that kids pick up on stress and changes more than we might think, but he seems to be coping fine. i have tried to be really intentional about spending time with him and doing things with him, because we are spending a lot of energy on hiba these days. and he seems to like that and be just fine. his super big smiles and squeezie hugs help a lot with the inevitable mommy guilt.

i do wonder what the next few years will be like for him. i wonder how we will explain to him that hiba thinks just a little bit differently and that things will be different for her than they are for him. expeciations will be differnet. punishments will be different. and i know that parenting more than one child should result in differences, but i just keep wondering how he will deal with all of this.

the other night, we asked the kids to clean up toys. of course, they both started whining and protesting like it was the hardest thing in the entire world. but eventually they started. matthias had a pile, and hiba had a pile. matthias finished his first and then went to help hiba. which resulted in her screaming and hitting him, taking the toy away and completely rejecting his help. he looked devastated. because he really loves helping. sometimes he is stubborn and throws fits, but when he comes around he is super caring and helpful. he saw that she was stressed and genuinely wanted to help her. but, in her head, it was her pile. it was her job. and she did not want help. jason and i split the up and had to explain to matthias that he was being very nice by offering to help, but that sometimes hiba just didn't want help so the nicest thing was actually not to help her. he looked confused. i almost cried. and then he walked out of the room and was just fine.

i know there will be bumps in his road. but right now, he seems to be taking this all in stride. i know there will be hard times explaining things to him. i know there will be things he doesn't understand. but i also know that he has a big heart and he loves people and that he will be great. because he already is.

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