Thursday, July 12

fantastic 4th!

i know, it's a bit late - but hey, that's life these days. so we had a great 4th of July. i had the day off and had a great day all planned out - free movie, lunch and swimming at the pool, come home for late naps, easy dinner, and fireworks. great plan. 

water bug
such a cute little kid
and it went great - movie, swimming, so fun. the kids were having a great day. i loved it. we even stopped at a friends' house for lunch after the movie and before the pool. 

and then...we went home after swimming and our house was 93 degrees. yes. that is hot, just in case you were wondering. 

now, i know that i am blessed to live in a house with working air conditioning. i know that whining about it not working is a first world problem. 


it SUCKS. so here it is, 3 p.m., jason is working, the kids have not napped, and our ac is clearly not working. so after a minor panic attack, more than a few curse words, and a little cry, i loaded the kids up in the car to drive around. thank God that we were able to get the ac in our car fixed about a month ago. we drove around for about an hour, while the kids slept, the stopped at sonic for happy hour, and then went to a very gracious friends' house, where we crashed for the night. oh, and said friends have three kids under the age of five. and they just moved into a new house a week ago. so it was a little on the chaotic side.
matthias was almost as thrilled about sonic as i was about the fact that we needed to be at sonic
hiba was all smiles, though
jenny and i took hiba and isabelle, their daughter, to see the fireworks after the little boys were in bed. and despite the horrible temperature, long walk, the fact that it was way to late for any of us to be up, and the annoying crowds - i'm glad we went. because hiba loved it. she had never seen fireworks before, so she kept covering her ears as we were walking, saying "we are getting close! we better cover our ears!". i kept trying to explain that she will clearly know when they start (which she did), but it was super cute. 

 so, three days later, our ac was fixed and now we're home again and happy. it ended up just being the motor, which was a relatively cheap fix and a friend from rugby did it for the cost of beer and fried chicken.
despite the inconvience and stress that having no ac caused, i am super grateful to have it back now, and i am very thankful for the friends that let us stay with them and eat dinners at their houses while ours was too hot for me.
sponge bob is pretty captivating
so even though it didn't quite go as planned, all in all, a pretty good 4th of july. at least we made some memories that will stick for a good while.

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