Saturday, January 29

i have decided that i need to live in a tv show. well, one of two actually. desperate housewives or brothers and sisters. (um, both of which i never watch, because that would be trashy......). see, the thing is that the weather is always perfect in these shows.

brothers and sisters is set in southern california, so obviously the weather is beautiful. but seriously, i'm almost done with season 1 and there has not been a single rainy day, or even a cloudy day. that is my kind of life.

and desperate housewives is set in fairview, some mythical town with perfect weather. the only time there is ever rain or storms, it is only for thematic elements in the show. in the last season that i watched, they were wearing long-sleeved t-shirts in the christmas episode and looked very comfortable jogging outside in the middle of the summer.

the last two days, we have had amazing weather. temperatures in the mid 60s - 70s, mostly sunny, slight breeze. and no bugs or humidity. so i've been able to leave the back door open and let hiba and matthias go in and out as they please, which has resulted in very happy kids and a very happy mom.

so where are these tv towns? because, seriously, i want to live there.

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