Monday, January 10


so i have a lot of things i want to write about - christmas, new years, resolutions (or lack thereof), life in general - but they are all kind of overwhelming to me at the moment, so instead i will share some awesome things my daughter has said recently. i really need to write these down as soon as she says them, because i feel like i am missing the best ones. oh well. enjoy!

"there's still snow outside, but it's stopped snow-flying".

in response to me telling her to say in bed at nap time: "don't worry mommy, i'll get back in".

hiba and matthias are sharing a room now. last night, i told her that when she wakes up this morning, she needed to stay in bed quietly until i came and got her. instead, she got up and woke matthias up by trying to get into his crib. i told her that this did not make me happy. so she said, "ok, i'll get back in bed and try to stay there until you come get me. then will you be happy?"

we were at a restaurant with some friends the other night and hiba was being super whiney, so jason told her if she didn't stop, he'd give her a spanking. well, she kept whining, so he picked her up and took her into the bathroom, while she was covering her bottom and saying "no,no,no, i don't want a spanking". when they got in the bathroom, she looked so relieved and said "oh, good. you just have to go pee-pee. it's ok, daddy, you can go to the bathroom".


Stefanie said...

Yay! I was just thinking about Hiba last night because my mom was telling me a story about something I had said when I was two & it made me think of her. Hope you guys are doing well & enjoying the snow!

kristina said...

so glad you posted again. i was needed something sarah antidotes. your daughter sounds quite funny. loking forward to being in the same place so our kids can hang out!