Monday, December 6

gingerbread houses and home decor

Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

ok, so i know that i am a few days behind. and plan on going back and writing about the last few prompts. but for now, i'm just going to keep going because if i wait too long to just start back up, i never will and then it will be january and then i'll be reverbing for next year. soooo.

the last thing i made was a gingerbread house. i made it this morning, actually. hiba and matthias helped me. or not so much. i was smart enough to buy a kit, so the house was actually pre-made, so really we just put icing and candy on it. but at this point in life, that we quite enough of a project.

it was day 5 (again, i know i'm behind....) of our advent calendar. i made an advent calendar with decorated envelopes and then each day, we read some bible verses and do a fun activity. most of the activities have to do with christmas, so have to do with winter, and others are things we are already doing that day. most days have gone well and we haven't had any complete disasters yet. we're up at grammy and oscar's house this weekend, so i'm pretty sure that the gingerbread house would have been a disaster if i had been doing it by myself.

i want to make a lot of things. i am trying to decorate our house and i am trying to do a lot of projects myself to save money. the only problem with this idea is that i'm not super crafty or the decorator type and i have two little kids who are always more than willing to help. the next things on my list is to paint and fix up the dresser, night stand, and desk in our bedroom. it's definitely a project that i need to clear time for, but it has to be time when my kids are sleeping and i have energy, so i'm not quite sure when that will be. for a couple of our house projects, grammy and/or rachel have come down to help, which made it possible to actually get things done. so i'm thinking sometime when rachel is on christmas break, i'll host another camp 39 and get some projects done.

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