Sunday, November 1

Happy Halloween!

people don't really celebrate halloween here, but there were enough americans around to make it a fun day. first, we dressed up hiba and matthias and went to rachel's to make carmel apples.

hiba was a ballerina.
matthias was a pumpkin....

...who was a little happier in his daddy's arms than in a chair.
making carmel apples at rachel's.

matthias missing all the excitement.

then we stopped by erich and candice's for a while. hiba and opal were dressed the same, so we tried to get a few pictures - they weren't so interested though.

we had fun eating the carmel apples and playing.

later, jason and i went to a halloween party. he dressed up as the mayor of beit sahour and i went as our friend andrew. my costume was pretty good, although the clothes had been recently washed and didn't smell bad, so it wasn't exactly like andrew. :-P jason's costume was a huge hit at the party, as most of our friends like the mayor just as much as we do.

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jasonandchrista said...

Bailey was a ballerina too! How cute! Great minds think alike!