Thursday, October 29

Zeus and Pictures

"matthias" is quite a big name for a little guy. so he needs a nickname. we don't really want to call him matt, so we came up with zeus. well, jason came up with zeus. it's easy for hiba to say and it makes sense with his name. how does it make sense with his name? well, glad you asked. here's how...

in beit sahour, most people don't pronounce "th", they say "z" instead. so "matthias" would become "mazias". nicknames for babies are usually made by replacing vowels with an "oo" sound. so, "hiba" would become "hiboo" and "mazias" would become "mazoos". hence the nickname "zeus".

anyway, i tried to upload pictures, but apparently our internet isn't fast enough. so, you can see pictures from this fall here. enjoy!

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