Friday, September 18

who the heck is this guy?!? -by hiba

on tuesday, i woke up and it was a normal day. me, mama, dada, and mama's belly named matthias. i was the center of the world (obviously) and everything was fine and dandy. mama seemed a little busy all day, packing lots of different bags and making lots of lists. but she always makes lists, so no big deal.

in the afternoon, i went over to rachel's. i like rachel, so this was fine. i got to ride in her car, which has a radio and i got to have pizza for dinner. i slept at her house, which was kind of strange, but it was fun. i talked in my sleep a lot about mama and dada - i guess i missed them.

then, everything changed. dada came to pick me up from rachel's and instead of taking me to daycare, he took me to where mama was. they called it the hospital. she looked different. matthias was gone and instead of her belly, there was a baby that they kept calling matthias. but i don't know what happened, because i thought matthias was her belly. and she was holding the baby and kissing him. she tried to kiss me too, but i wouldn't let her. i tried to leave the room, but dada wouldn't let me. so then i tried to throw a fit to get attention, but they just kept looking at the baby. then they tried to get me to sit by mama, but i didn't want to. not until she got rid of the other baby. but, none of this seemed to be making them happy, so after a while i decided to try to be nice to the baby. so i gave him a kiss and sat on mama's bed with them. she gave me hugs and kisses too, so i know she still loves me.

thursday morning when i woke up, mama still wasn't home. this was not really ok with me. so i was a little cranky. but then i got to go to daycare, where everyone loves me. this is because i'm the cutest. when dada came to pick me up, mama was in the car! i was so happy to see her! finally, everything would be back to normal. and then....that baby was in the car too!!! what?!?! why was he following us?!? what is the deal? he came home with us and he got to hang out with mama while i had to take a nap. this was not cool. i was not happy at all.

so now it's friday and he's still here. i am starting to like him. i know that baby matthias is not mama's tummy, but my new baby brother. i like to say "baby" a lot, because i like him. but i don't like to sleep because i'm afraid that there will be another baby getting all up in my space when i wake up, or mama and dada will be gone again. and i don't like sharing my toys with anyone. and i don't really like it when mama or dada holds baby matthias. but i'm getting used to it. i guess i have to, because it doesn't look like he's leaving any time soon.


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Kimberly said...

It's ok, Hiba... none of us like it much when babies get all up in our space...

Congrats Pollacks!

jasonandchrista said...

She and Bailey can start a support group. Don't worry, she'll warm up to him, especially when she figures out how much positive attention she'll get when she helps out! That's how Bailey bonded with Caden!
Love you guys!