Sunday, September 6

The Drama of the Mechanics Continues...

so we finally gave in and switched mechanics. only, ziad doesn't really know this. i mean, we never told him that we're taking our car somewhere else, we just stopped taking it to him. this is a tricky situation, since we don't really want to hurt his feelings or anything, but he just doesn't do his job, at least with our car.

so last week, we took our car to our new mechanic to get some little stuff fixed. we know we'll need to sell it in december, plus we have to get our yearly check done in october, and we figure if we start trying to fix all the little stuff now, it'll be in good shape by the time we need it to be. anyway, jason took the car and when he got to the garage, musa was there. musa works with ziad. this is not good.

musa acted kinda strange and wouldn't really tell jason what he was doing at the new garage. but musa is always a little strange, so we figured that word would get back to ziad and it would all blow up. however, when i went back the next morning to pick up the car, musa was there again. our new mechanic came over to me and told me "musa....he doesn't work here, ok? don't say he works here." and then it became clear. apparently musa has two jobs - one that ziad doesn't know about. so he has two jobs, we have two mechanics and neither of us can tell ziad, so it's all good.

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