Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day

I am, by my own admission, a mushy sap. I don't try to deny it, and I think it is fairly public information at this point, so why fight it.

I was remembering this morning how hectic February the 14th used to be for me. When I was in college, the entire day was often spent setting up some sort of romantic scene, making dinner, or some heartfelt gift. For some reason, neither Sarah nor I feel the same need to work so hard to express our love this valentines day, but don't worry, I think that's a good thing.

Right now, I'm marveling at the fact that I happen to be married to a person who I love to hang out with. I always hoped that this would be the case, but it still seems to be the exception to the rule that a husband is happier with his wife than without her. I would rather do almost anything with Sarah than do that same thing without her. I try to get off work as soon as I can in the afternoon because I know she is home. I think that's a good sign, even if we don't make collaged cards or buy chocolate hearts for each other.

Either that, or I'm just making excuses.

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Michael said...

Haha. That's hilarious. You guys really are a cool couple though. I'm hoping we'll get to hang out one of these days. Every day a step forward.