Monday, December 4

'tis the season

so i convinced jason to buy a christmas tree for our room. actually, he was quite cooperative and even amused me by acting excited about the idea. so we did today. it's a small one, but it gives our room a little christmas spirit.

also, i don't think i ever put pictures of our couch. so here it is. the pillows were my birthday present from the other workers. it's really comfy, and it's nice to have more than just our beds to sit on.

and here is the view of our room from our doorway.

and in other news....

this was a note for me, jesse, and jason on a bowl of hummus. we had a good laugh. especially when we started asking the kids if they wanted homos for dinner. most said yes, because they say yes to anything we offer--nabil always says yes to a kick in the pants when we offer it to him. but one of the boys, forrest, always wants to have the right answer. he saw how much we were laughing and even though he didn't know what homos meant, he knew the no was the right answer to make us laugh more. so when we asked him, he said "no, no, thank you, i don't want homos, no".


sierra said...

ok that is freaking hilarious!

Mandy said...

That is so funny - I sure do miss you guys!